16th July 2014 / Farnborough
100,000 Flying Hours for UK RAF Typhoon Fleet
250,000 Flying Hours for the Eurofighter Typhoon Fleet
500,000 Flying Hours for the EJ200 Engines

EUROJET is celebrating 500,000 Engine Flying Hours as the Eurofighter Typhoon Programme achieved a series of notable milestones: the aircraft clocked up 250,000 Flying Hours across six Air Force fleets with two EJ200 engines powering each aircraft. At the same time, the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force (UK RAF) confirmed its Typhoon Fleet has reached 100,000 Flying Hours.

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Experience the power of cooperation

EUROJET – the cornerstone of cooperation between four global market leaders in the aero engine industry, Rolls-Royce, MTU Aero Engines, ITP and Avio Aero, has been pivotal in creating the world’s most advanced 4th generation military turbofan – the EJ200. The ground breaking technology evident in the EJ200 engine is best
witnessed by the astounding performance of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft which is fitted with two of these spectacular beasts. EUROJET manages the entire EJ200 project from inception through production, support and export.

Cutting-edge innovation and technology

The EJ200 is designed to fulfil the most demanding requirements of today’s fighter aircraft, delivering a high thrust-to-weight ratio combined with simple engine architecture. The EJ200 is a two-spool turbo-based fan with modular design which allows for maximum availability and minimum operating costs throughout the life of the weapon system.

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The Eurofighter Typhoon

What better evidence of the superior technology offered by the EJ200 engine than the performance of the aircraft system it supports? Here you can find out more about the Eurofighter Typhoon, the primary application powered by twin EJ200 engines...

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'It's raw performance'
Wing Commander Mark Flewin, Commanding 1(F) Squadron, RAF