The WOW factor

With outstanding engine performance, unprecedented reliability and proven operational capability, the EJ200 is an amazing piece of high-end technology at its best.

Flying with the EJ200

The Eurofighter Typhoon’s twin EJ200 engines provide the power to transition from one extreme to another with ease, giving it extraordinary performance agility.

Experience the power
of cooperation

EUROJET’s strength lies in the excellence of its partners and the collaboration nature of the core programme.


The prime contractor for the EJ200 engine, EUROJET offers contracting and technical services and in‑service support to the Air Force fleet operators and represents the EUROJET consortium partner companies in the management of the EJ200 engine.


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Which aircraft operates the EJ200?

Take a closer look at the Eurofighter Typhoon powered by twin EJ200 engines

Support Philosophy

The EJ200 comes with a complete and unique in‑service support package

Where will you find the EJ200 in operation?

In the fleets of these nations…

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