EUROJET has an established and documented Business Management System (BMS), which is fully compliant with the Aerospace Standard AS9100 Rev. D and is subject to regular review to ensure that it continues to meet the respective requirements of that standard.

The EUROJET organisation is fully committed to surpassing the requirements of its customers through On Time Delivery and outstanding quality of its products and services.

Led by top management, all EUROJET employees are totally engaged in ensuring that all EUROJET business processes – for prime contracting and management of total solutions for the EUROJET EJ200 engine with associated support – are operated with a close focus on the needs and expectations of all the relevant parties.

The EUROJET top management are fully engaged in supporting the EUROJET Business Management System (EJBMS). This provides an information-based and fully documented framework to:

• Take into account the purpose and context of the EUROJET organisation, through all phases of the EJ200 Programme lifecycle.
• Set quality / business management objectives that support, and are fully consistent with, the organisation’s strategic directions.
• Promote the ongoing continual improvement of the EJBMS efficiency and effectiveness, through regular measurement and monitoring of the respective process performance.
• Ensure that customer requirements are fully understood and satisfied and that a focus is maintained on enhancing customer satisfaction.
• Achieve and maintain regulatory approvals, as required.
• Ensure that all EUROJET employees are aware of their contribution to product quality and safety.
• Ensure the respect of the personal dignity and rights of every EUROJET employee.
• Set out the EUROJET business conduct guidelines and code of ethics.